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(belated) Summer Solstice Thoughts

Summer Solstice was last week - the longest day of the year.

As we embrace the energy & feeling of renewal that this time of the year brings, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past seasons of ourselves as well.

Soaking up the sun in a river in costa rica
Soaking up the sun

How have these past seasons shaped the person we allowed to show up in the world?

How did these times of rest & darkness of winter allow us to look inward and rejuvenate for a blossoming spring?

Oftentimes, we label things in a very black and white manner -

light = good

dark = bad

warm = good

cold = bad

But what if we viewed these things more objectively - as they were - and acknowledged the gifts they still brought?

You can't have the light without the dark, the warmth without the cold, the good without the bad.

So, take this time as we peak in summer to reflect on the previous seasons - literally, and figuratively. Acknowledge and bring gratitude to all these past seasons have brought, the good and the bad.

Some affirmations & mantras for summer solstice & surrounding months -

I have been watered, now I bloom

I am allowed to embrace joy & fun

May the fruits of my efforts come to fruition now

The rest has been gifted so this renewal could follow

May the solstice bring blessings for the seasons to come.✨

Hasta luego,


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