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In the Press

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shoutout Colorado and VoyageDenver!

Check out the articles below.

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"We had the good fortune of connecting with Jordan Norman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jordan, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?"

"I had always been a “side gig” girl… graduating with a bachelors in business, I worked a formal 9-5 in software for 6 years. I taught yoga alongside my 9-5 for 5 years, however, the “side gigs” kept entering my life. Life experiences led me to The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) in 2020, and I became a certified Fertility Awareness Educator in 2022 – teaching women how to chart their cycles as a natural form of birth control. In 2022, I also became a reiki practitioner – this wasn’t planned, however, the universe called me to the work and a friend offered to attune me for free. As all of these healing modalities were entering my life, I continued to be called to help my community in this way. However, there was only so much time in the day. In April of 2023, I left my 9-5 to help my grandpa cross off a bucket list item of driving to Alaska one more time (he had driven it 9 times already, but was determined to make 10 times). Although I didn’t necessarily quit my corporate job to dedicate my time to yoga, reiki, and FAM, it was clear that this was a highway (no pun intended) to working for myself full time. My physical and mental health improved dramatically when I left corporate, I had more time to help people around me, and the opportunities for this work kept falling into my lap. It was apparent that helping people full time with yoga, reiki & FAM was what I was supposed to be doing."

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"Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?"

"Growing up, I was a very happy, outgoing, and adventurous girl. I grew up with many cousins and friends and loved taking care of them. You’d often see me with a smile on my face, running around in the yard. I was born and raised in Colorado and loved the outdoors. I began skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing at a young age which manifested into adulthood. I find my peace still to this day in nature.

I also had a very entrepreneurial spirit as a child. I would clean my grandparent’s house and put out a tip jar (which they still have to this day). I started writing a magazine when I was in elementary school and would deliver it to my aunts and uncles. This entrepreneurial spirit has also carried into adulthood as I started Ivy Wild Wellness LLC. While I was an exceptional employee working in a corporate 9-5, I enjoy the challenging aspects of working for myself and believe this is more in my character."

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