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Practicing Fluidity

As we come to the end of summer, the practice of fluidity can be challenging.

Going back to school, getting back into the routine of things - the rigidity of scheduling is nuanced with this idea of fluidity.

I went on my end of summer camping trip a few weeks ago.

I was planning on being out for 5 nights - and the first 48 hours were complete downpour.

Between the mud and the cancelled paddle boarding plans - I was debating on turning around and going home.

Cashing in my chips & returning home.

But, I decided to head further west and to my hearts content, I escaped the storm.

The remaining 3 days of my trip were filled with sunshine, beautiful waterfalls, campfires & hikes - all of which I would have missed out on if I had just turned around and gone home.

We can practice this idea of fluidity in our personal lives in many ways; pivoting plans when the traffic on the highway makes us late for an event we were aiming to attend, ordering our favorite takeout when we burn that new recipe we were trying, or heading west to escape the rain.

When we practice fluidity - the negatives in life can turn out to be quite beautiful. We allow ourselves to pivot and open ourselves up to the miracles the universe is waiting to offer us.

Fluid like the rain; fluid like the water beneath our paddle board; fluid like the water flowing down a creek.

A great way to practice fluidity? Yoga!

How about ringing in fall and practicing fluidity with yoga?

Join me at Mabon Festival at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City on September 17th for some mini yoga classes + 1:1 consults!

All donation based!

11 am- 6 pm. Hope to see you there!

Peace & Love,


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