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No Makeup

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Imagine wearing no makeup.

No having to pack your makeup bag.

No having to spend 30 minutes before your day begins to "get ready."

But the real kicker?

Beginning to love yourself and your image more without makeup.

Imagine waking up and LOVING your eyes more without mascara than you ever have with.

Living without makeup is difficult in today's day and age.

It is so normalized to have a tint, at the very least, to your face,

But imagine you live life naked?

Naked in the face -- naked in the eyes, naked in the demeanor.

I lived 6 months without makeup.

It was scary.

It was difficult.

I had first dates, interviews, things that needed makeup.

But did they?

Attending a 1st date without makeup allowed the real me to enter.

I didn't have to live up to anything. I didn't have to act any certain way.

Showing up to a date without makeup allowed me to show up as the woman I am - naked & authentic.

Authenticity is the bread to the butter of life.

If you aren't being you, are you even living?

First dates on job interviews are next level.

Makeup makes you look professional, right?

You aren't professional without painting your face, right?


You can do hard things without painting your face.

You are professional without painting your face.

Your skills shine thorough, undeniably.

Wearing makeup is nothing but a capitalistic scheme. Your skills shine through no matter what you look like.

And chances are, your beauty shines through this capitalistic lens.

You're beautiful.

You're compassionate.

You're kind.

You do you, painted or not.

Prefer to be painted?

Do it with natural ingredients.

Savor your skin.

Love, Jordan

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