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Anniversary of my Departure from Corporate America

Updated: Jun 26

One year ago today, I left my corporate job as a senior project manager in software implementation.

Originally, I had planned to just leave corporate for a few months - I was going to travel a bit and help my grandpa drive to Alaska and then, most likely, find another corporate job.

During my first few months away, I was able to dive deeper into my “side gig” work of teaching yoga, the fertility awareness method, and seeing clients for reiki energy healing.

Being able to dedicate more time and energy into these practices, I was able to see the impact it made not only on those around me, but also myself.

Here are some things I’ve accomplished over the last year being self employed:

  • Traveled to 5 different countries

  • Spent 7 months total traveling

  • Launched and wrote a monthly email newsletter for my LLC

  • Began creating an online course platform for my Fertility Awareness Method course

  • Taught over 150 hours of yoga

  • Helped a private yoga client overcome wrist pain

  • Assisted 9 women in ditching the pill and using The Fertility Awareness Method to prevent pregnancy naturally

  • Provided reiki energy healing to 25 new individuals

  • Brought mindfulness to 4 corporations for corporate team building exercises

  • Spent more quality time with family, friends & my dog

  • Really pinpointed what living means to me

This past year has given me the opportunity to grow in so many ways, as has owning and managing my own business. From building my own website and learning SEO to market my own services, to keeping rapport with clientele and utilizing different online platforms to do so, to helping individuals gain more mindfulness in their lives & more.

The big question is - will I ever go back to corporate?

Never say never. If an opportunity and cause I’m aligned with arises, I’d definitely consider putting my project management skillset back to use in a more traditional setting.

But for now, I’m beyond blessed to be able to help individuals with their mind, body + spirit connection while continuing to grow my project management skills in a different way.

Thanks for reading and special thanks if you have supported me on this journey so far 😌 you know who you are.



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